Mermaid Connections

The Mermaids are a group of amazing women gathering together each month to connect, inspire and support with open minds, hearts and spirits. View our calendar to find out what is happening around the Rifle, Colorado area and when we are gathering. Or view our bulletins to find more event information and ways you can help out in our community.

~ A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids ~

“Seek the Company of Other Mermaids
If there’s one thing Mermaids know, it’s that they have more fun.
Mermaids never betray each other.
They know it’s a sisterhood, not a competition.
Mermaids encourage and compliment each other, swooning over their achievements and beauty.
They give each other gifts that glorify their kindred spirits.
The more Mermaids, the merrier.
In our natural state, we form great whirling schools of harmony and beauty!”

  • To connect is to trust
    To trust is to love
    To love is to live