A Call for 2015 Hostesses

Happy 2015 Magnificent Mermaids! We had a great year visiting in 2014 and this year looks to be even more marvelous! If you are interested in hosting a gathering, please email Anna at anna@blueeyesdesigns.com. As the hostess, you choose the date, time, and you keep the yummy leftovers! You are also welcome, but not obligated, to choose a theme, a project/craft, or invite a special guest to present on a topic that you care about.

Remember, Mermaids was started as a means to connect with other women of the community, share interests, invite new connections, reinforce existing friendships and most importantly celebrate who we are as individuals in a supportive, safe environment. We encourage everyone to invite your girlfriends to come along as this is a wonderful opportunity being presented to us all to embrace new experiences, and perhaps gain a different sense of belonging. We also encourage you to come with open minds, open hearts and curiosity for what and who else is in our community and an invitation to leave judgments and gossiping at home. It’s all about effective connections, nothing more and nothing less.

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