Auditions for Lever-Action

facebook-profile-boomtownBoomtown Players are proud to host our first ever open auditions for our next production. We are looking for help both on and off-stage so please consider getting involved and spread the word!

The Show: LEVER-ACTION, a new comedy about a local hero by Dylan Fixmer, Steven Fuller, and Anthony Sieber

The Story: The small quaint town of Rifle has been put in the cross hairs of the insidious Big City. Local techno-geek Ian Kid discovers this nefarious plan and seeks the help of retired hero Lever-Action, who reluctantly agrees to help investigate the diabolical deceptions Big City has woven over the good citizens of Rifle. Together with the lovely Salsa Caliente, Lever-Action and iKid must find a way to overcome Big City’s gallery of rogues before it’s too late.

Casting for the following roles:

Lever-Action: A hero through and through. Clint Eastwood meets Daniel Craig.
iKid: Quick witted and techno savvy. A worthy side-kick.
Salsa Caliente: Spicy and feisty, justice is a plain dish without a bit of heat.
Big City: Smooth, smart and dastardly. Evil just got a dose of high-society.
De Facer: Vocabulary is lost on this guy…too bad he spends all day wreaking havoc in Rifle.
The Jammer: Every hero has a foil, but really – The Jammer?
Miss Wilma Fyre: Big City’s bodyguard. Sexy, deadly, and all business.
Ted: Runs the local hardware store.
The Mayor: Looking out for the folks of Rifle.
Henchmen: What can we say, they are henchmen.
Townsfolk: The good folk of Rifle
Investors: Fat cats investing in the downfall of Rifle.


Auditions: Saturday January 18, 2014, 10 am till 2 pm.

Where: Rifle Library (upstairs) 207 East Avenue, Rifle, CO 81650

Who: All levels of experience! Anyone high school age or older interested in acting, directing, set design/construction, costumes/make-up, stage management, publicity, general production assistance. If you are interested in a speaking role please prepare a 1-2 minute comedic monologue (visit for inspiration) and be ready to read from the script.

Performance Dates: Friday, April 11th 7 p.m., Saturday, April 12th 7 p.m., Sunday, April 13th 2 p.m. at Rifle High School. (And perhaps an encore when the New Ute Event Center opens!)

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