March Hostess

Hello Lovely Ladies!

My call for volunteers drummed up hosts for April through August! Check out our calendar for approximate dates as I get them from our hostesses. We’re still in need of a March party place though so if anyone would like to throw open their doors and drink some green beer (totally optional, of course) please let Anna know so we can get it scheduled. Thank you so much Mermaids!

Anna 970-618-9657


March Hostess — 3 Comments

  1. I’m hosting one!! In Williamstown West Virginia on Friday March 14th – St Patrick Day style! So please feel free to come and join me over here!! Yeeeaaahhhh! It’s the first of many (hopefully), so if you can’t make it this March, you can always come visit another month.
    My home will always… always be open for Mermaids!
    Miss you all xxx

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