Mermaid Calendar Instructions

The easiest way to add the Mermaid Calendar to your device is if you already have a Google Calendar set up. If you do, continue to step 2. If you don’t, start with step 1.

1. Go to and sign in or create an account using whatever email address you already use (you don’t have to set up a Gmail account).

2. Under “Other calendars” on the left, add to the “Add a friend’s calendar” field. NOTE: If you can’t see that text field, click the arrow to the left of Other calendars.

This will trigger an email to Anna who will accept your request! Then, add Google Calendar to your desktop favorites, your tablet or your phone to always stay updated!

PS – If all else fails, take a deep breath and send Anna a text message or email and I’ll send you a link directly from the Mermaid calendar to accept. Google will walk you through the rest. 🙂



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