Need Canning Jars Please

Hello Mermaids

We are in need of Ball/Kerr canning jars, quarts and pints for a friend — Krissa — who some of you met at Sue’s Mermaid gathering a few months ago. Last week, we picked roma tomatoes in GJ then Sue and Krissa canned two bushels of tomatoes and a half bushel of peppers for Krissa’s family.
Sue is teaching Krissa how to properly can different food items which will help out the family. This is a single income family with a stay at home mom of 4 boys and a dad who works for RFTA. At the moment, we are down to one case of pint jars which has delayed Sue’s jam making session with Krissa.
Donations of jars are best though it may be possible to pay a small amount for the jars. They can have rings on them or not, but they MUST be canning jars not mayo or similar glass jars, no chips either esp on the jar lip as this will cause an explosion inside the canner and/or prevent the jar from sealing.
Also Krissa is looking (and can pay) for a pressure canner in great condition. Needs to be quart size or bigger. Sue and I put together a hot water bath canning kit for Krissa to use but many of the recipes Krissa is looking at  require a pressure canner.
Thank you
Sue and Cieja


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