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Hey Mermaids!

I wanted to let you all know that this flyer is being distributed to area agencies this week.  Who knows what kind of response we’ll get!  I would like to let everyone know that the purpose of stepping up as a resource is to fulfill an intention to connect as a community.  There is awesome power in numbers and as we have seen Mermaids are so good at offering support! While I would encourage us all, myself included, to stretch beyond our comfort zone there is never an expectation that you contribute beyond what you are able to do. Thank you ladies, let’s do it!



Serving our Community — 3 Comments

  1. Arlene, you bet I will…where will you be handing them out? We don’t serve Evergreen 😉 Sue, thanks for being so involved! I really appreciate how open you are to everything. See you Friday night ladies!

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