Meg Black is Visiting Colorado and Spreading Love

Meg Black will be here visiting us for the July HoopDance gathering on Wed. July 22nd at Shelley’s house! For anyone who was on the fence about attending, we’ve just added a beautiful smile with a solid hugging soul to a night of hoop dancing, supportive friends, wine sampling, appetizer chomping and cheerful conversation! Need I say more…

Meg’s also excited to bring to us a free workshop the following Friday afternoon to share with us what she’s learned about intentional living and enhancing your inner peace. Stephanie Straw will be hosting Friday July 24th from 1-4pm. Check out the flyer below or contact Meg to RSVP or get more details at 970-270-9963.

Colorado Flyer July 2015


Meg Black is Visiting Colorado and Spreading Love — 1 Comment

  1. So wish I could come. I actually thought this month was going to work but I have had some things come up that will not let me make the 3 hour 1 way trip. I totally was planning on it though. 🙁 sad sad sad!!!!!
    Have fun for me and give Meggy GIANT hugs for me as well…..xxoxoxoxxo

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