Mermaid Website Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any information about the website and gratefully we have several new Mermaids! So, here are some tid bits:

If you want to post anything on the site (local events – Another First Friday coming up?, volunteer opportunities, someone in need, gathering details, items for sale, or inspirational stories) please email them to Right now only a few of us can create the posts but anyone is free to comment!

Check out the calendar including local events, our gatherings, and volunteer opportunities that you’ve seen our on site. If anyone wants to add this calendar to your current Google calendar (which you can also see on your phone!), simply add to Other Calendars on the left.

If you want your beautiful photo to appear next to your comment, simply create your own Gravatar.

If you want to add your contact information and maybe a link to a business or group that you support, please send a short bio to Anna at Bios will appear on the Meet the Mermaids page!

Don’t forget about our Wine and Dine section. Especially as the holiday season approaches, it is fun to have the recipes of the tasty dishes we share at our gatherings. Please send your recipes and wine suggestions to our Mermaid email or directly to Sue at

If anyone has any suggestions for the website I am always happy to hear them! Thank you, Anna


Mermaid Website Updates — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Anna for all you do for us and the beautiful site that best describes the MERMAIDS!! It was awesome to see new faces and to hear that our site POPS up when on line is truly a blessing for all. I would like to send a card to the new faces that were there Friday. Any way of knowing who they were and possible email address or mailing address to send them a quick shout out?

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